A love that will live forever.

Sometimes, when I pass by an old couple walking along the street, I can’t help but think that love can still live forever. But the thought won’t linger for so long and will just immediately fade away as I start to remember that I’m still searching for the truth and for someone who could give me a proof that true love can still be found at times like this and a kind of love that will remain now and for eternity. It’s so hard to believe in love when the word itself became completely overrated and its true meaning is slowly being forgotten by many. Love should be one of the greatest gifts a man could have but what happened now? It’s starting to lose its sense and there are only a few people who can still understand the true essence of love. But the others don’t even know how to love. They are just playing as if it’s just some kind of a stupid game and they don’t know how to take things seriously. They don’t believe in love anymore because they already forgot its real meaning and sadly, they did it intentionally.

What makes it even sadder is that I’m one of them. The world, the things I hate, and the people around me forced me to be like this, to feel like this. I don’t believe in love anymore but I still want to know if it’s true. I’m still hoping that one day, someone could still make me realize that there’s no impossible when it comes to love, that the world could still become a better place because of true love, that my life is still worth living because I will be able to learn how to love and believe in it once again. There’s still hope in my heart and I’m holding on to that little hope that I have. I know things would get better and clear someday and maybe.. just maybe, you are the person that I’m looking for. Who knows?

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